Welcome to Totalya

Totalya is a Danish owned construction company located in Turkey’s gem, Alanya. We are the professional, cultural and linguistic link for Danish and Scandinavian homeowners when they should have done crafts in Turkey.

The company is owned and managed by Simon Gade Jensen, who after 10 years in the Danish construction industry have chosen to move themselves and their skills to Alanya.

Totalya work by Danish standards and Danish working culture with a strong focus on compliance with deadlines and appointments.

We handle all types of construction projects and ensures Danish build quality to Turkish prices. We specialize in setting safe and professional environment for homeowners, so we can successfully manage their construction projects – even if they are not in Turkey while work is performed.

From consulting to construction

You can safely leave the entire construction process to Totalya. We all know the bumps and potholes on the road, and we’ll get your project goals on time.
We have extensive experience in the construction industry and work only with the best Turkish partners.
We can advise, draw, obtain permits, responsible for project management and carry out the work itself – small as well as large.
With Totalya as a partner you only need one partner.

All types of renovation projects

Totalya can handle all sizes of building renovation projects. From the small-scale tasks to large contract cases.
We can also manage and perform tasks that “only” contains advice and planning.
Have a bygge-/rådgivningsprojekt need to have more than Totalya with on your team.

Safety for the customer

Totalya establish a secure environment with the concept of remote monitoring for homeowners who need work done while you are not in Alanya. The customer can follow the construction progress on our website, and may at any time contact Totalya if there are concerns or misunderstandings.
Then let Totalya manage your building project and you can follow it home from the couch. We manage the process, keep you updated and ensure that your home is finished and ready when I again come to Alanya.

Danish quality and Turkish prices

Totalya has 10 years experience from the Danish construction industry with knowledge from every conceivable nook and cranny of the industry. A knowledge we now transfer to Turkey.
We can provide quality buildings that are a result of the harmony that occurs when you combine forces own know-how and diligence with Danish professionalism and commitment to quality.
Cost of living, wages and material costs are significantly lower in Turkey. Therefore, we can offer Danish quality, low-Turkish prices.