Total renovation

Total renovation

Totalya can transform old Turkish houses to modern apartments with an architectural design and use of Scandinavian materials. We listen to your needs and involve them in the renovation.

Through the renovation there will be made ​​engineering calculations, if it will be necessary to remove a bearing wall to create a functional layout, as well as continually being made ​​to quality renovation phase, so that the next buyer has an assurance that construction is made of high quality.

We provide a controlled process with the right tradesmen for a budget that lasts. We assess the feasibility of that could migrate bath or kitchen to get the optimal layout.

Then you have an older apartment in Alanya area that you want to make a complete refurbishment of is Totalya the right partner. Kontakt us today and we do discuss your options.

As a new Totalya through our network be tender older apartments in a unique location, we will buy and renovate, so are you looking for an apartment with just the right location, you can get an overview of occasions Totalya have made a total renovation of . Read more in Sales / Rental