Small local moving company in Alanya

SERTAY taşımacılık

Sertay is a small local moving company in Alanya we at Totalya gladly recommend. They are sweet and helpful and speaks both German and English. Their prices are extremely fair and all the times we have made use of them , they have always been there on time and met our agreements. The highly recommended and they always give a free offer for a project. They always work with a guarantee for the customer, and they needed insurance is also included in the price. You can always contact us at Contact , and we will support you .

Tasks that can be performed :

  • Complete removal of apartments and villas
  • They secure your furniture and packages with use og a speciel plastic . If desired , they can also assemble the furniture again after the moveing.
  • The defusing lamps , air conditioning , washing machine, pictures , shelves , etc. . and packs into plastic . They have their own electric worker, so they can also mount lamps and other electricity again .
  • Mounting and dismounting of indoor water heaters and other plumbing equipment.
  • Furnitur lift for transporting furniture for balconies. Can handle transport up to 12 floors.


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